Shelter Cat Licks Window To Get Adopters’ Attention And Find Forever Home


Meet Sigmund! He is a 3-year old cat that had been at Cat Haven in Western Australia for several months. He was adopted once, but his owners returned him because he ‘played too rough.’Sigmund desperately wanted a forever home, but he was having trouble getting people to pay attention to him. Months passed and still no one wanted to give Sigmund a home, even though he was a lovely kitty, full of personality and energy. And so, Sigmund decided to try a new tactic.

The Sigmund cat began licking his window anytime a potential adopter walked by.

Source: Cat Haven WA via Facebook

Sigmund’s plan worked—people began taking notice of the cat when they were in the shelter. Staff at the shelter starting taking pictures of Sigmund’s technique and posted them on their Facebook page in the hope of finding him a forever home.​

To Cat Haven WA’s surprise, the photo quickly went viral, receiving over 1.7 million views!

Source: Imgur

Cat Haven posted about their little celebrity on Facebook—they hoped his newfound fame would help him get adopted. They wrote:

“Sigmund is getting up to some odd tactics to try and find his new owners…turns out you won’t just adopt a cat, but you’ll get a window washer as well. If you like a bit of an oddball, Sigmund is up for adoption now.”

Source: Cat Haven WA via Facebook

After Sigmund went viral, Cat Haven received lots of applications for the cute cat. After going through them all, they found the right home for Sigmund, and he finally left the shelter for good.

Three years later, Sigmund is as happy as can be in his forever home!

Source: Cat Haven WA via Facebook

Sigmund’s owners regularly update Cat Haven about how Sigmund is doing, and Cat Haven shares these updates on Facebook. In one Facebook post, Cat Haven revealed that Sigmund has tons of energy and loves playing:

“Sigmund is quite nervy and highly strung. He loves to look out windows, lick walls and windows and play with a ball of wool and my son. He has a very high vertical leap, spins in the air and somersaults. We don’t find him rough at all. Our Refo was twice the size of Sigmund so does take a bit of getting used to. He is very curious and is always in cupboards and tosses out glasses etc. He’s a deep sleeper so cat naps are not his thing.”

Source: Cat Haven WA via Facebook

Sigmund’s owners also said that Sigmund loves running through the house and playing with toys. They also said that he likes playing games and working on his high jump:

“Try making a bed with him and it’s a great game for him. He loves to climb on things and just before typing this he took a flying leap at a 6 feet tall cupboard and missed. Has not grasped that he is too small to leap that high from the floor…. He’s very playful and regularly the kitchen bench tops of a morning have paw prints where he’s had a wander.”

Source: Cat Haven WA via Facebook

Sigmund has found a great home with owners who love playing with the energetic cat. This cat’s unique personality helped him find the perfect fur-ever home!

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