Hero Dog Jumps Into The Pool To Save His Drowning Friend


Most dogs like the water, but that doesn’t imply that all canines are great swimmers.

We always hear reports of dogs saving humans from drowning, and many of them are trained for that purpose. But how many dogs have saved other dogs from drowning?

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

Smokey and Remus were outside on their pool deck with their owner Laurie.

They were enjoying the beautiful weather and had been playing around the pool all day long. Smokey isn’t a strong swimmer. So he usually avoids getting in the water. Laurie also keeps a close eye on him when he is near the pool.

But when Laurie went into the house for a few moments, Smokey got too close and accidentally fell in, there was nobody around to save him.

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

At least, that is the way it appeared. Laurie’s surveillance cameras caught an astonishing sight.

Remus is a quick thinker and knew his friend was in trouble. He ran over to the pool and tried everything to pull him out of the water. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Finally, he decided to jump into the pool. He swam round to the back of Smokey and pushed him up out of the water. It took a few tries, but eventually, he pushed Smokey back onto the concrete.

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

Smokey was saved, thanks to Remus.

When Laurie came outside, she noticed that both dogs were wet. She wondered what had happened. When she watched her camera, she realized that the brave Remus had saved Smokey’s life.

Had Remus not have helped, Smokey would have likely drowned in the pool while Laurie was inside. Laurie sent the video to Remus’s owner, her best friend. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, either.

Laurie said:

“When we saw the footage, we were amazed and our hearts filled with joy. My best friend (Remus’ owner) cried when we sent her the video. She says he’s a certified lifeguard now.”

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

Smokey is one lucky dog.

Unfortunately, thousands of dogs die every year from accidental drownings. Most people just assume that dogs can swim and won’t drown. They don’t take the proper precautions and they put their dogs at risk.

Vetico recently shared an article with some alarming statistics:

“It has been suggested that as many as 100 dogs could be drowning each year, just in the Perth area. With the population in Perth representing just 7.7% of Australia’s population, dog drownings in Australia could potentially be as high as 1,300 animals per year. This compares to 284 people drowning in 2011-12 throughout Australia. Quite an alarming statistic!”

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

“While most people are aware of the dangers that swimming pools and other bodies of water pose to children, many people incorrectly assume that most pets, particularly dogs, are strong swimmers.

“Many dogs do have a natural ability to swim, but just as many lack common sense around water, and/or are physically incapable of swimming.”

If you aren’t sure if your dog is a good swimmer, test him in shallow water where you are nearby to help. If you know your dog can’t swim, take the proper precautions when you have him around water. Do not leave your dog around water unattended. Also, consider investing in some dog swimming vests.

Source: Laurie Becerra/Facebook

Even if your dog is comfortable in the water, it doesn’t mean he can swim for long.

It’s always a good idea to stay with your dog if you are allowing him to swim. You can even take your dog to swimming lessons where he will be trained to stay calm, so he can naturally tread water. There are classes for owners and their dogs to take together. You can do it in a group setting or hire a private trainer to work with you and your dog in private.

When it comes to your pet, you don’t want to take any chances. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your dog can swim. There might not always be a hero pooch nearby to save the day.

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