Baby And Dog Working Together To Raid The Fridge


    Awesome video of a toddler and his dog working together to get some food. Rob Herbert and Carrie Harden are not only parents to a pretty clever toddler named Maverick, but also owners to a pretty great dog named Leroy who is all about doing everything in his power to get some food. Even becoming a step-ladder.

    I think it’s better to watch the video. Have a look at it below thanks to Rob’s Facebook.

    This was apparently all planned by the toddler and the dog, at least according to Carrie.

    “I call them my twins for a reason. They’re usually up to no good together. What I wasn’t fast enough to catch on video was Maverick pulling Leroy by the collar over to the fridge to get him in place. He obviously had a plan.”

    This is one smart pair. Here’s hoping that Leroy the dog got a reward from the fridge for his troubles.